EmpowerYou Wellness

    The only way to change the outcome is to change the approach   


Paula Ricke, BA, Certified Wellness Coach, ACSM HFI Certified

Paula Ricke is a certified Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer with 15+ years of experience in the wellness industry.   She has  B.A. in Health Promotion and holds numerous certifications in the areas of wellness, fitness and lifestyle change.  Her experience has exposed her to many people with varying needs and wants.  She created EmpowerYou Wellness to meet people wherever they are at in their wellness journey and to help guide them to lasting behavior change and success.

At EmpowerYou Wellness, the focus is on helping you become your ultimate self.  Whether you want to reduce stress, balance your life, become more active or lose weight; there are services designed to help you make the changes you want and learn to sustain these changes for a lifetime.  Why wait until tomorrow when you can start today?  Contact us to set-up your free initial consultation.